Welcome to the Giving Light Devotional Podcast. Giving Light is a local church and global equipping center based in the beautiful countryside of central Pennsylvania. This podcast is meant to be an encouraging and thought-provoking devotional to empower you in your walk with God and others.

“The entrance and unfolding of Your words give light.” Psalm 119:130



Proverbs 4:7 says “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” (NKJV) In today’s episode, we explore the three elements of walking in wisdom: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.



by Giving Light Devotional Podcast | No matter what situation you may be facing or what obstacle you are trying to overcome, God is able and willing to give us wisdom--without rebuke. In this episode, we’ll learn how walking in wisdom helps us to succeed with less effort while also prolonging our effectiveness.


by Giving Light Devotional Podcast | As believers, sometimes we fall into the trap of accepting confusion as par for the course in our journey with the Lord. What am I called to? Why am I here and what am I supposed to do? What decision should I make? In this episode, Pastor Joel calls out the spirit of confusion as a thief and the enemy of our confidence. Learn how to counter confusion with revelation of who God is and the faith to live confidently as a son or daughter of the King.


by Giving Light Devotional Podcast | In this pilot episode of the Giving Light Devotional Podcast, host Joel Hilton leads us to look at the direct correlation between faith and confidence. As believers, our confidence must be rooted in the work of Jesus both in us and through us. As our revelation of who God is increases, our confidence will also grow and we can truly know what it is to be more than conquerors through Christ.


Joel Hilton is an ordained pastor at Giving Light Christian Fellowship in Elizabethville, PA. He is the founder of Brave Music as well as leader to Giving Light’s worship department, Brave Worship.

For more than a decade, Joel has been mentoring people to develop their talent and God-given purpose with a desire to see them grow and thrive as healthy and mature individuals. He carries a unique ability to hold in tension the absolute truth of God’s written word with a prophetic edge to deliver it in such a way that partners with what God is doing and saying today.

In homage to his city of birth, Joel remains a devout fan of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team. He is a loving husband and father of three.

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