Embracing the Basics

Fundamental. Essential foundations. Do images of math flash cards and grammar phonetics come to mind? What about lessons in learning to drive or ride a bike? Or perhaps the basics of salvation through Jesus and the gospel message come to mind. There have been many reminders to me recently on how far reaching basic foundations are in countless aspects of our life - spiritually, relationally, in family, in communication, in health, in finances, etc. I’ve been discovering fresh revelation lately that JESUS who is my friend and ultimate foundation is “into” the basics.

Embracing the Basics

Build this House

As “Build this House” was being conceived, the concept of poetically comparing ourselves to houses became the focal point. The chorus firmly declares: "Come build this house and make it home." Through writing these lyrics, I couldn't help but realize that there is a very distinct difference between a house and a home. A house is built with four walls, a roof, and a foundation. It is fully capable of standing on its own, but that was never meant to be its sole purpose. It was designed to provide shelter, to become a sanctuary of refuge, and to be a place where we can find rest and regroup from the chaos of life. A house becomes a home when someone claims it as their own, puts their unique touch on it, and creates an atmosphere that goes beyond an outsider’s comprehension—an atmosphere full of love, joy, peace, safety.



This song is called “Wonder” because that’s how God met me. I thought I needed answers to my questions. I thought I needed them before I could trust Him again. But in the silence and the waiting, I found that all I really needed was Him.

Sometimes our pride can get in the way of our answer. Sometimes we need to realize how big our Creator is before we can understand the significance of our smallness. I may face trouble in this life—in fact, I’m certain I will—but if His eye is on me, I have nothing to worry about...

Come Out of Hiding

We may not think that we are hiding. We might even reason that we are taking the higher road in order to avoid the chaos and the drama. But do you ever find yourself afraid to share your ideas, opinions, beliefs or political views? Do you find yourself keeping quiet in order to protect yourself from retaliation or rejection? Are you superficially conforming to the opinions of others in the workplace to protect your job security or to be accepted within your social networks? Are you fearful of being stereotyped because of the color of your skin, your ethnic background, or your generational label? Do you expect to be shut down, held back, or forced to be choose sides when your desire is to unite?

Come out of hiding

Fear Does Not Exist

F E A R. It can ruin your life...but it doesn't have to. Our good friend, Machelle Joseph shares a life-changing revelation that God gave to her that helped her to silence the booming voice of fear in her life and re-shaped the way she saw her identity. Listen as she shares and releases a prophetic prayer of deliverance over you.

Dr. Melodye Hilton and Machelle Joseph

Taking Care of the Eyes of Your Heart

Winter snowstorm or flowers and sunshine I was gently reminded how many times true refreshment begins from the inside out. Thanks to God’s grace working in my life, internal changes occurred and created a new lens through which to perceive that wintery situation. Instead of seeing the coldness, I was able to see beauty. Instead of feeling discomfort, I was able to feel warmth and peace.

Taking Care of the Eyes of Your Heart by Cherise Krum


Whether you’re in a season of calm right now or a season of uncertainty, we hope this song reminds you of the source of your peace. Circumstances can change in an instant, but God’s love for you never fails. Trust in Him! Don’t lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your steps secure. After all, even water and wind submit to His voice. Your storm is no match for our Maker.


Revisiting the Sounds of Trust

“Just trust the Lord” is a phrase I’ve probably heard for most of my life. However, it’s also been a phrase that I’ve heard so often the words had unknowingly become almost cliché in certain situations. So when I was journaling with the Lord several weeks back and scribbled on to the pages “trust me” (coming from God to me) I found myself slightly dissatisfied. It almost didn’t seem like a “real answer” in my brain at that moment, more like spiritual jargon. Trust became a repeated theme popping up frequently, however. When I prayed about a next blog topic a couple weeks later and the immediate word that Holy Spirit gave was “trust” I knew it was something He was intent on me pressing into.

Revisiting the Sounds of Trust by Cherise Krum

The Pains of Growth

"Mom, my shoes are too small! My feet hurt! My toes are squished." Have you ever been involved in or overheard a conversation sounding similar to this? This came to my mind recently while thinking about seasons of growth in life. Sometimes the "shoes" all the...

The Pains of Growth

Helping Children with Dreams & Nightmares

Do you kids struggle with nightmares? What if we could teach them how powerful they are so that they could literally “re-script” their dreams in power and Holy Spirit authority?

Does your child dream often? Could the Lord be speaking to them in the stillness of their sleep? You can help them to begin to recognize when and what God is sharing with them and how they can respond just like Samuel as He heard the Lord call his name in the night (see 1 Samuel 3).

Dr. Sandie Freed shares powerful insight for parents to help their kids both hear from God and discover their inner “superhero” as they give their scary dreams a new script.

PS: Helpful for grown up dreamers too!




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