Interactive lesson plans for home or classroom



Self-deliverance for kids (and adults too!)

Through this simple, but powerful lesson plan, teach your children the authority that they have over the enemy and how they have the power to choose what they will allow to affect their heart and soul.


Easy at-home activation to help teach trust

Every good parent or caregiver wants to raise their children to be honest, mature, and caring. This post will help you to teach your children the power of building trust and empower them to be the most trustworthy, powerful, and responsible choice makers that they can be.


Jesus wants to heal through your kids!

We’re excited to share this FREE 10-page lesson plan to teach children on their God who heals and who wants to heal through them!

walking in destiny foundational lesson plans

Giving Light was founded with a passion for having a children’s ministry that didn’t just “play games,” but taught children who their God is, who they are in Him, and how to actively live out the absolute truth of God’s word. Through many years of developing lesson plans for our weekly classes, our Children’s Ministry Director compiled a teacher’s curriculum with lesson plans for teaching foundational truths. Here, we are providing these lessons for your use in your own churches and/or homes.
Each lesson is complete with:
Line upon line, each area for class ministry is clearly outlined. Some of the highlights in the lesson plan include: identity statements, activations, “lie busters,” memory verses, drama skits, and numerous object lessons.
Points to enhance the teaching, many scriptures and some personal notations.
This includes the main points to cover in teaching and is the actual study sheet the children can take home to complete.

Permission to copy study sheets is included. Children take these home to complete, with family involvement encouraged. This study time is one way the family and the church come into a level of unity and continuity. Children’s ministry no longer has to be the parental inquiry of, “what did you learn in class?” or “how was class today?” These study sheets are a great aid to family interaction of Biblical studies that are both fun and prove lasting benefits. They serve as home continuation of the classroom lesson.

Note: for more teaching tools including those for younger than three-years-old:
The holy spirit
The church
Blessings & Curses
What is the Bible?
Growing in Christ
Identity & Destiny
Giving & Tithing
Miracles & Healing
Authority in Jesus
The Blood of Jesus
Angels & Demons
Weapons of Warfare
In my heart were many thoughts on how to prepare this radical, passionate generation to possess their inheritance. How do we as ministers, train and equip them to be revolutionaries who will establish justice, minister mercy and bring kingdom dominion to the nations? I know our children are going to places that we have not been before. In the midst of what looks like history’s worst of times, in God’s time table, HIStory is coming to the final chapter. This is the generation that has been chosen for “such a time as this.” My question to the Lord was, “what do the children need?” A dream was developing in my heart. These lessons have expanded far beyond my immediate vision. This curriculum was initially intended as a foundational course for the children’s ministry of Giving Light. There are times when teachers can get so caught up in their favorite or personal ministry areas that some key Biblical truths may get bypassed. Or, if the truths have been taught, have the principles been retained and practiced? I believe this children’s curriculum will help firmly establish them as new Christians, challenge the growing Believer and equip those serious about their commitment to Jesus. I pray God’s blessing over you, your church, and your family as you continue to join with God Almighty to train and nurture the children whom the Lord has given. Your children are precious gifts! These are the generation who passionately pursue with all their heart, “The Way, The Truth and The Life,” who is Jesus Christ. With passion for His cause and His kids,
Debbie Hershey

Lionheart Children's Ministry Director, Giving Light


Establish and affirm a child’s unique identity and purpose

Establish and affirm a child’s unique identity and purpose

Revolutionary resources created to establish and affirm a child’s unique identity and purpose.

If your child were hungry, would you feed him or her? Of course! Just as we care for the physical needs of our children to help them to learn and grow, we can also begin to feed their hungry hearts what they crave in order to set them up for a successful future–right from the start. We founded Who’s Teaching the Babies?® with a passion for every child to begin his/her life healthy and strong from the inside-out. When your child knows who God is and who they are as God’s child, their roots will remain deep and strong in truth as they learn to crawl, walk, and fly!

Visit the Who’s Teaching the Babies?® website to learn more!

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