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What is Giving Light Membership?

As a member of Giving Light you are entering an opportunity to be integrated into a community of believers where we honor, challenge, validate, defend, and care for one another through deep relationships of the heart. We value the Church as one body with many members, recognizing that we all have a unique part to play. Just as we celebrate the calling and vision of others, we also embrace the distinct purpose that we have as a culture that is called to equip all ages to discover identity and activate purpose for local and global Kingdom impact. Our passion is to partner with those who connect to that purpose to strengthen one another in the Lord so that we can impact our world for the Kingdom of God.

The purpose of our membership is to express your heart to be an active partner with the people and the vision of the local expression of Giving Light. It is a public declaration of our unified goals. It is a commitment to one another on the ground level and to our values and vision as a whole.

Who is Giving Light Membership For?

Giving Light’s core values include bravery, covenant, and influence. It is part of our DNA and culture to love deeply and from the heart. We are in covenant relationship with people around the world and we do not take lightly this bond that transcends geographical location–we celebrate those who stand at arms with us and are deeply committed to our success, as we are theirs.

There is, however, also a local expression of our heartbeat that thrives in a community of believers who worship together under one roof on a regular basis. These are ones who do not only consider themselves family from afar, but are intimately invested on a local level.

Giving Light’s Membership is for those who are an active part of our local church family.

How Do I Become a Member?

1) Download our MEMBERSHIP PACKET.

2) Read through our membership packet. If who we are resonates with who you are and you feel led to partner with us in this way, complete the application for membership found at the back of the packet.

3) Submit your completed application to a Giving Light staff member. All membership applications are reviewed by the Board of Trustees and voted upon for approval.

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