We believe in win-win partnership. If you would like to serve our mission while also receiving from us, apply for an internship today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your internships?

Our internships are flexible and individualized. We will work with you to create a structure for how many hours per week and for how long you would intern. Note: If you are interning through another school or organization, your schedule would be based upon their requirements for internship.

Are your internships on-site?

Depending on your location and the type of work you may be doing, internships can be done on-site, remotely, or a hybrid of both.

Are your internships paid?

No. At this time our internships are fully volunteer.

Do you offer housing?

We have (1) on-site apartment rental. Availability is very limited and not promised to interns.

What type of work does an intern do?

We base internships upon an individual’s skills, experience, passion, and maturity. We would sit down with you and form a plan for what work would be both helpful for us and fulfilling for you.

Would I be working with a team?

Our staff and interns work mostly independently, together. Meaning we work autonomously, but with the support and teamwork of one another to help everyone accomplish their important part of the whole.


Start the process by filling out the application below. Every application must also include (2) references. Info found below.


Please choose (1) person to give a reference of your character. This should be someone who you have had close relationship with and who knows you well. Also, choose (1) person to give reference of your competence. This should be someone who you have worked with or for and who can vouch for your skills and work ethic. Your application will not be processed without both references.

*GSSM students must also have a reference from a GSSM staff member.

Send your references the link to this page and instruct them to click the appropriate button below and complete the linked form.

*This reference is only required for Global School of Supernatural Ministry students.

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