I heard your voice like thunder
Piercing through my very being
I don’t want to be
The same
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Brave Music is a unique collaboration of authentic sound, passionate expression and excellence in skill & heart. With an eager desire to partner with the presence of God, we strategically engage Heaven to bring transformation through the release and experience of song and sound.
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      Being brave means courage, it means passion, and a strong belief to stand for something great. It also implies preparedness—being ready to respond, participate, and create in unison to bring about desired results. For us, that desire is to partner with the heart of God in music, to raise up quality and dynamic artists and content, and to be an excellent representation of our craft and of our King.
      We believe in a lifestyle of worship every day of the week. Our Spotify player is updated each week with the Brave Worship set list for the upcoming Sunday service. Our hope is that as we worship individually during the week with these songs that we are preparing ourselves for amazing encounters with God as we gather together on Sunday morning. We hope you enjoy this interactive feature and join with us in worship and praise to our God.




      Joel Hilton is an ordained supporting pastor for Giving Light Christian Fellowship in Elizabethville, PA. He is the founder of Brave Music as well as leader to Giving Light’s worship department, Brave Worship. Brave Music reflects the heart of its founder believing that God and the people He has entrusted to us deserve the very best and because of that, passion, character, time, and skill are invested to bring excellence both inside and outside.

      For more than a decade, Joel has been mentoring people to develop their talent and God-given purpose with a desire to see them grow and thrive as healthy and mature individuals. He carries a unique ability to hold in tension the absolute truth of God’s written word with a prophetic edge to deliver it in such a way that partners with what God is doing and saying today.

      In homage to his city of birth, Joel remains a devout fan of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team. He and his beautiful wife, Erin, raise their three children in their hometown in Central Pennsylvania.

      EVERY SUNDAY @ 10:00AM
      Join us every Sunday as Brave Music’s worship team leads our church family into a passionate worship experience.
      Brave Worship is an expression and part of the heart of Giving Light Christian Fellowship. It is not just a function or a ministry that we offer, but a demonstration of our voice and values. Those within the team are born again believers and are supportive, faithful and active members of the ministry, leadership, and vision of Giving Light.

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