“Love your neighbor as yourself.” We take that literally. As we have been planted in a local community, Jesus invites us to serve, care, support, empower, and love the people right here in our Central Pennsylvania home. We do this by volunteer work, donations, and partnering with local organizations, fellow churches, and our neighbors themselves to see our community continue to grow and thrive one beautiful person and family at a time.

Current Community Needs

Sort Clothing

Volunteers to Sort Clothing

Assemble Furniture

Volunteers to Assemble Furniture

Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer Drivers

Deliver Furniture

Volunteers to Pick Up/Deliver Furniture

Facilitate a Program

Volunteers to Facilitate Programs

Volunteer in the Kitchen

Kitchen Volunteers

Volunteer in the Garden

Garden Volunteers

Volunteer in Childcare

Childcare Volunteers

Donate your good condition items

Donations of good condition clothing & household items

Where you can help

The Valley Lighthouse

105 Main St, Lykens, PA 17048
(717) 453-4238

The Northern Dauphin Human Services Center

295 State Dr. Elizabethville, PA 17023
(717) 905-2700

The Northern Dauphin Community Garden

295 State Dr. Elizabethville, PA 17023
(717) 905-2700

Need Help?

If you are in our local Northern Dauphin Community and are in need of help, please contact the Northern Dauphin Human Services Center at 877-893-3344.

If you are in Central Pennsylvania and you need assistance in any way, please see the “Where To Go When You Need Help” PDF below for an extensive listing of resources for your area of need.

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