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Setting Captives Free

by Jake Kail – 02.21.21 Jesus came to set people free from demonic influence and oppression. In this message, guest minister, Jake Kail teaches us God’s heart for deliverance and leads us through simple but powerful prayers to reclaim our freedom as sons and daughters of the Living God.

Find Jake Kail’s book, “Setting Captives Free” here.

Recent Messages

How to Tend Your Garden

by Pastor Katie Stansfield – 02.14.21 God’s perfect design for our lives is that we be full and healthy in abundant life. In this message, Pastor Katie Stansfield helps us to recognize the symptoms or alerts that we are operating outside of divine design and how to recalibrate. It is in our friendship with the Lord that we receive the grace to practice our salvation day by day as we grow from glory to glory in Him.

Creating a Culture of Validation

by Dr. Melodye Hilton – 01.31.21  |  No matter who you are or where you’re at in life, we are all searching for our own inherent self-worth. Thankfully there is good news for all of us because the Lord intended us to know just how valuable and worthy we truly are in His eyes. In this week’s message, Dr. Melodye Hilton re-appropriates our perspective to remind us that we were made in His image and it’s up to us to steward that understanding wisely.

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