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Unmasking Prejudice

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 04.14.19 | Coinciding with her new book, Dr. Melodye Hilton shares some of the forms of prejudice and the often unseen masks that it wears. When we can have the courage to take down our walls of pre-judgement and fear, we will be able to embrace the beauty and commission of loving and valuing all of humanity.

Be Ready for the Battle

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 04.07.19 | The Bible tells us that the enemy is always seeking to kill, steal, and destroy from us. He is always ready to try to convince us that what God said isn’t true. As believers, we don’t want to wait until we’re in the thick of battle to determine what we believe, but always be ready, rooted and grounded in the truth and love of God, holding fast to our promised victory.

Practical Vulnerability

by Pastor Katie Stansfield - 03.31.19 | Love and trust require us to be vulnerable. In this message, Pastor Katie Stansfield gives some practical understanding on what this looks like in our everyday lives and relationships.

The Courage of Vulnerability

by Pastor Katie Stansfield - 03.24.19 | In today’s message, Pastor Katie Stansfield shares the risk and reward of vulnerability. CS Lewis said that to love at all is to be vulnerable. We were never meant to be hidden but to be courageously connected with others.

Cultivating Unity

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 03.17.19 | Cultivating unity is a continual process. In this week’s Powerful Connection message, Pastor Joel Hilton speaks of the benefits of unity as well as the pitfalls to watch out for that drive unity away rather than foster it within community.

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