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Our Recent Messages

Courage and Humility

by Irvin (EJ) Forbes - 08.11.19 | In this week’s message, special guest minister Irvin Forbes shares the powerful partnership of humility and courage.

God is a Great Restorer

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 08.04.19 | The Bible tells us not to forget God’s benefits towards us. One of the reasons for this is that ignorance of what God has done for us will leave us in a state of powerlessness. In this message, Pastor Steven Hilton reminds us that God is a great restorer and has a beautiful testimony for us to live and to tell.

Come to the Table

by Pastor Katie Stansfield - 07.28.19 | In an honest message by Pastor Katie Stansfield, she shares her journey of growing nearer to the Lord in times of uncertainty and frustration. As doers and go-getters, it can be an easy response to want to fix all of our problems and find our solutions on our own. Katie highlights that as Jesus reminded Martha, even in our efforts and in our work, we must always keep Him as the single first and most important focus in all that we do as He is the one who sustains our life.

Simple Obedience Releases the Power of Grace

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 07.21.19 | Sometimes we are waiting for the Lord to use us in extraordinary ways. In this message, Pastor Steve shares the profound truth that lies in the simplicity of humble obedience.

Living with Abundance

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 07.14.19 | In the religious world, there is a lot of attention and value given to our ability to learn from pain and difficult situations. While God does promise us that we will face trials in this life, it is a misjudgement of His character to think that He would teach His children through methods of lack and suffering. In this message, Pastor Joel reminds us that God is a God of abundance and that He teaches us through the good nature of a good God.

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