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Our Recent Messages

Great Expectations

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 04.05.20 | This Palm Sunday, Pastor Steve shares about the power of the direction of our expectations. When we expect the worst, we'll attract the worst.However, when we are expecting Jesus in every moment of our lives, we will begin to see Him now as we also await His great return.

hygiene for health

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 03.29.20 | This week, Pastor Steve shares the Word of God's solutions for health body, soul, and spirit. We pray that you are strengthened and encouraged by this message.


by Pastor Steven Hilton – 03.22.20 | Psalm 91 says that He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will abide in His place of strength. In this message, Pastor Steve Hilton reminds us to be mindful of our dwelling place and the safety that we can know in Him.

*Please Note: This week’s service is not available via podcast. Please view on Facebook Live.

The Economy of Generosity

by Pastor Katie Stansfield - 03.15.20 | Generosity is part of the nature of God. In this message, Pastor Katie Stansfield shares the importance of being convinced of the giving heart of God and how we too have the responsibility to represent generosity in our world.

Cultivating Fruit that Will Last

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 03.08.20 | God’s plans and promises for our lives are the fruit of relational connection with Him. Whenever we pursue His promises outside of His presence, we will eventually be pulled out of peace. In this message, Pastor Joel Hilton teaches us that the fruit of our lives that will last for eternity only comes when we are rooted in the soil of relationship with Jesus who is both our friend and our King.

The Warrior Spirit

by Pastor Steve Hilton - 03.01.20 | It is often said that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. The Holy Spirit is also a warrior. He believes His Word and what He says about you. He doesn’t raise up timid warriors, but strengthens us and equips us to win. Pastor Steve Hilton shares about God’s warrior nature and encourages us to stand up and take our victorious place in His Kingdom.

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