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Our Recent Messages

Sharpen Your Axe

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 02.10.19 | In this profound message, Pastor Joel Hilton teaches on the power and efficiency of wisdom. Passion is important and pushes us through the struggle and circumstances in life, but without wisdom we can often find ourselves burnt out, frustrated, or dissatisfied with the process and results. However, when passion is led by the sound voice of wisdom, we can accomplish great things with greater effectiveness and greater reward.

Validation Changes Culture

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 02.03.19 | Wrapping up our Sunday series on Validation Quotient, Dr. Melodye Hilton shares a lifestyle of validation that transforms the world we live in. When we live according to the hierarchy of value, we will be happier, healthier people, which in turn creates a happier, healthier culture around us.

Valuing the Treasure Within

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 01.27.19 | If we are going to see a revival in our world, we are going to have to model something different. In part three of our Validation Quotient series, Dr. Melodye Hilton highlights our purpose as people commanded to love, value, and encourage the world around us. When we see our own value, we won’t compete, compare, or condemn, but love as He first loved us.

You Hold Value

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 01.13.19 | In week two of our January series on Validation Quotient, we are focusing on the intrinsic value that you carry. Every human being holds a priceless and matchless value. Dr. Melodye teaches how something valuable is to be treated and that you are worth every ounce of investment.

Understanding the Power of Validation

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 01.06.19 | In week one of our January series on Validation Quotient, Dr. Melodye shares both the Biblical precedence and the Scientific backing for the vital importance of validation to the human soul.

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