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Hydrate Yourself

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 12.16.18 | It’s dangerous for a car to run on empty and for a body to live without water. Likewise, it is not good to have a dehydrated spiritual life. In this message, Pastor Steven Hilton shares the side effects of spiritual dehydration as well as the benefits of being filled to overflowing.

Life Without Fear

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 12.09.18 | In this week’s message, Dr. Melodye Hilton teaches a powerful word on living life without fear. When we function in fear, it causes us to live by default rather than by design. We live taking and getting rather than giving and contributing to our world. God has called us to live free from fear so that we can be all that He created us to be.

Stewarding the Gift of Desire

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 12.02.18 | Oftentimes, religion creates strategies that suppress desire rather than empowering the believer to activate and steward it. In this message, Pastor Joel Hilton shares a revelatory teaching on stewarding the God-given gift of desire.

Thankful for the Initiator

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 11.25.18 | Continuing on the topic of Thanksgiving, Pastor Steven Hilton shares about the pursuit of God’s love and how He initiates every good and perfect gift towards us. Our thankfulness extends our hearts to receive all that He wants to give.

The Benefits of Gratitude

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 11.18.18 | Thanksgiving is critical for our Christian life. It lifts us out of depression and darkness and into our true nature. In this Thanksgiving week message, Pastor Steve encourages us to practice a lifestyle of gratitude.

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