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The Confessing Church

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 10.20.19 | We can either be a person who brings people up or pulls them down and the difference lies in our words. In this message from Pastor Steven Hilton, we learn that God is always wanting to empower us. When we rehearse and confess the things that God says about us, it builds us up from the inside out.

Where Are You?

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 10.13.19 | We are not just called to be spectators. We are all a part of the family of God and every member has a part. You are just as needed and valuable as anyone else. In this message from Pastor Steven Hilton, be encouraged in your assignment to be a reflector of God’s glory on the earth today.

Conquering Your Mountain

by Apostle Desiree Fox - 10.06.19 | Whatever mountain you are facing today, it is not insurmountable; it is not too big for you and God to climb together. In this message by special guest minister, Apostle Desiree Fox, be encouraged that nothing is impossible with God.

The Power of the Blessing

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 09.29.19 | The Bible says not to let corrupt communication come out of our mouths but only that which is good to build up the hearer. In this message by Pastor Steve Hilton, learn the purpose and power of blessing and how we can be a conduit to empower every aspect of a person’s life.

When it Rains it Pours

by Raymond Crum - 09.22.19 | Often times when we hear the phrase When it Rains it Pours, we think of one negative situation rippling into another and another. In this message from Raymond Crum, he shares a shift in thinking from the negative to the telling of the goodness of God. We hope you are encouraged by this testimony filled service.

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