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The Kingdom of Yes

by Pastor Steven Hilton – 11.28.21  | God is not reluctant towards you. He is not the God of NO, He is the God of YES. His promises are yes and amen to the glory of God. In this message, Pastor Steven Hilton reminds us that it is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. We do not need to be hesitant to ask Him because He is not hesitant to give good gifts to His children. Thank you, Father!

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In this Family…

by Pastor Katie Stansfield – 11.21.21  | God loves it when Believers gather in His Name and what He loves is for our good because He loves us. In today’s special family gathering, Pastor Katie Stansfield shares the value of the local church, the benefits that we receive from the assembling together, and how each one of us has a needed role in the body. We also recognize our leaders today for their important roles in Giving Light.

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The Church at Work

by Kevin Ikeda – 11.14.21  | The Church is God’s idea. In this message, special guest minister, Kevin Ikeda teaches us what the Church really is and what its purpose is on the earth.

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Being Thankful is God’s Will for Your Life

by Pastor Joel Hilton – 11.07.21  | We all know that thankfulness is a good idea. In this message, Pastor Joel Hilton shares how thanksgiving is much more than something to do, it is something to become. Thankfulness is coming into agreement with the good and perfect will of God and we are called to it.

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