Discovering Personal Purpose

What is my personal purpose? This question can be very high stakes and very stressful if we allow it to be. It can lead to larger looming questions like, “Why am I here?” and “Does my life matter?” As Believers, the answers to these questions are found in our identity in Christ.

Discovering Personal Purpose

Why You Should Become a No-Gossip Zone

Gossip is often seen as harmless and many times even celebrated; it can be a hobby and one that feeds the feel-good chemicals in our brain--the same ones that other toxic addictive behaviors can trigger. It releases a rush of phantom inclusion and a high of personal satisfaction. Should we then all run to find the nearest victim and engage in this exercise of happy hormones? Not so fast.

Why You Should Become a No-Gossip Zone

Holy & Kind

God is holy and His holiness reveals our absolute need for a savior. He is a perfect God and He does require us to live a life worthy of our calling in Him. But He is simultaneously compassionate and merciful and full of grace. He is so kind that He reveals the areas of our lives that are hurting us and keeping us back from the abundant life that He has for us. His correction does not belittle us; it expands us and invites us into a better way of living.

Holy & Kind

We’re Not In Competition

I recently gave a group of children a large floor puzzle to assemble. They quickly went to work, but unbeknownst to them, I had withheld a few pieces when they weren’t looking. As they neared their completion, they realized that they could not finish the job. I asked them to look at all the pieces and tell me if any two of them were the same? They said no...

We're Not In Competition

O Holy Night: Hope for the Nations

I love Christmas! I love the whole season. I love that moment on November 1st when people start packing up their ghoulish and dark décor and start unpacking the twinkle lights and ornaments and our part of the northeast begins to smell of spicy cinnamon and fresh pine.

Starry Night Sky with Bright Star

Fear Is Not My Master – Katie Stansfield

When I was around four-years-old, I remember one cool October night I was watching a VHS tape of 90s Christian music legend, Ron Kenoly with my dad. It is important to note that as a small child in a Christian, Jesus-loving home, I had never been exposed or taught...

Woman with Half Smile Standing in the Dark

Praying the Overflow – Katie Stansfield

Sometimes I read the Psalms and I get a little lost in them. My heart begins to wander beyond the words of the author on the page. I love the Psalms for their purity and the honesty in the struggle they often convey. They don’t always have rhyme or reason, but they do have a great deal of personality. You can connect with the language even if it isn’t yours.

The Psalmist Series Blog Series Image

Run In – Katie Stansfield

Several years ago I had a vision of myself running furiously forward. I was running and I hit this soft wall that enveloped my body. I kept running forward into a presence that had so captured me that I knew in that moment that all my life I would refuse to stop running into it. It had become the motivation of everything that I was and the only response that I could give to this great presence that surrounded me was to run and to run and to run head on into it.

Young Woman Spinning in the Field at Sunset



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