As We Praise

The song “As We Praise” began with one simple desire: we wanted to write a song that we could lead in our local church. We wanted it to represent our church culture and the core values at our roots—namely, covenant, influence, and bravery.
The Psalmist Series

Capturing the Moment – Reneka Dews

What I love most about the Psalms is the authenticity of the moment captured in each verse. Chapter after chapter paints the emotion of the heart position of each author. It’s the realness of what the author conveys that draws us, because we too at times can feel the same way. The Psalms are relatable to us as a lover of God because we too have those moments when we express those emotions before the Lord.
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Praying the Overflow – Katie Stansfield

Sometimes I read the Psalms and I get a little lost in them. My heart begins to wander beyond the words of the author on the page. I love the Psalms for their purity and the honesty in the struggle they often convey. They don’t always have rhyme or reason, but they do have a great deal of personality. You can connect with the language even if it isn’t yours.
The Psalmist Series Blog Series Image



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