Worship is cultured in the heart, defined in our response, and expressed in many ways. The Psalmist Series is a collection of posts by worshipers dedicated to various and creative ways of expressing worship.


Written by Reneka Dews—Bassist and media/lights tech for Brave Worship


Psalmist-Series-picWhat I love most about the Psalms is the authenticity of the moment captured in each verse. Chapter after chapter paints the emotion of the heart position of each author. It’s the realness of what the author conveys that draws us, because we too at times can feel the same way. The Psalms are relatable to us as a lover of God because we too have those moments when we express those emotions before the Lord.

As I meditated on this psalm, the inspiration hit me at the perfect time and in the most beautiful moment. It was Memorial Day. The sun had set, and a group of us sat around the fire. We were just talking and playing instruments and singing. I looked at the beauty of the moment, and that’s when this psalm came. From the overflow of this experience these words flowed onto the paper:

I look up and gaze on the creation you have made

And I am in awe and wonder of it all

The way the sky is painted in perfect harmony of color

The stars shine with such brilliance

The moon hangs above it all

I praise you for your wonderful masterpiece

Great is the work of your hands, Oh Lord

With a stroke of a brush, you brought it all to life

I will join the choir of your people and sing of your ways

I will proclaim of the beautiful work you created

I will tell of your great love for us

Let us join together and sing

“Great is the work of art the Lord has bestowed us,

Beautiful is His work He has created.”


– Reneka Dews

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