Living Without Fear

Living without fear is a sign of destruction to the adversary. The Kingdom of God is advancing. God empowers us to do what He calls us to do, but when the adversary comes, what do we do? Paul is very clear in Philippians 1:28, that having NO FEAR is a sign of destruction for the adversary, and a sign of salvation for us.

Power in the Holy Spirit

We all have the capacity to do what God is calling us to do. Our ability comes from Him. Our power does not come from our own strength, but we do have power in the Holy Spirit. We can have confidence that when He calls us, He sends us and directs us with His power manifested by His grace. Embrace all that He has for you today and partner with Holy Spirit to live a better, more powerful life.

Power in the Holy Spirit Blog Post

Sons and Daughters of the King

When a child of God knows, experiences and lives as a child of the King, his/her influence becomes evident in the mere fact of being him/herself. Experiencing the love of God offers us security in terms of whose we are and who we are. Accepting and remaining in God's love is not a one-time decision. It is a daily decision that is continually cultivated.

Sons and Daughters of the King

Fear or Conquest

God's plan for our lives is always for good and growth, and His plans are not to destroy us (Jeremiah 29:11). But there is a big difference between seeing the next season with eyes of conquest and seeing it with eyes of fear. When God shows us where He wants to take us, it is a place that He has already provided victory in. He leads us from victory to victory.

Fear or Conquest

Faithfulness and Calling

We see very important people in the world, in positions of government or owners of large companies that work with corruption and abuse and still have "success" in the eyes of the people. David was prepared where nobody saw him, with the sheep and fighting against bears and lions, before fighting against Goliath. It is not what we see, but the motivation of the heart and the call of God on each person.

Faithfulness and Calling

Prosperity in All Things

Prosperity and freedom work together. Prosperity comes from the inside and we experience this truth with freedom. We can prosper in everything as we experience more and more freedom through the Holy Spirit. Prosperity is not just financial; it is a condition of our soul where we experience our life from the chair of a queen or king with confidence, power and freedom for the good of others.

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