Worship is cultured in the heart, defined in our response, and expressed in many ways. The Psalmist Series is a collection of posts by worshipers dedicated to various and creative ways of expressing worship.


Written by Joshua Yoder—Guitarist and Vocalist for Brave Worship



When I sat down to write this psalm, I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a challenge. It was something different for me. But when I did, it just came flowing out of me and with that, a psalm was born.


This is basically about being in awe of how God created us, and marveling at how he provides for us when we are in need.


You are holy, worthy, more deserving than these words we use to convey our love for you. For You are indescribable in all you are, all You have done and yet to do. For on the day You died, we came alive with a heartbeat in synchronous with Your own.


You are our fortress when life turns into a raging storm. Yet Your love calms the waves & brings peace upon my soul. A love that was stronger than any force of darkness came & rescued me.


I am amazed and in awe that You created every detail of who I am. You hand-knit every fiber of my being.


I will not run when You are near, for it is in You that I find my rest.


– Joshua Yoder


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