Worship is cultured in the heart, defined in our response, and expressed in many ways. The Psalmist Series is a collection of posts by worshipers dedicated to various and creative ways of expressing worship.


Psalmist-Series-picI was recently given an assignment to begin journaling as a method of expanding myself in songwriting. I admit, I was not thrilled about this idea because, well, I hate journaling. But, out of obedience to the assignment giver I tried my best. After some long and frustrating time sitting in front of a blank screen I started writing to God. It didn’t rhyme or come out in a seamless or fluid way, but when I read it back to myself I thought, “This sounds like a Psalm to me.”

In this Psalmist Series we’re venturing to express ourselves in worship in creative ways. As someone who has been leading congregational worship for a lot of years, I still know that worship doesn’t begin or end on a platform. It is cultured in the heart, defined in our response, and expressed in many ways, including but not limited to songs on a Sunday. I encourage you to write your own “Psalm” and see what’s left on the page when you’re through.

Here’s mine:

Let the words of my mouth proclaim your greatness. Let the words of my mouth broadcast your fame. Let the words of my mouth publish your exploits. How great is our God. Marvelous in all His vastness. In great splendor you shine. I cannot hide from your presence. Where could I go that you are not there? For you surprise me with your goodness and your countenance welcomes me in. Oh, how I love to enter in through your fragrance. How sweet is your presence. Alive, alive, alive. That is how I feel. Free, free, free. You placed me in your house. Oh, how I long to run with outstretched arms. Not a care in this world is too big for your protection. How safe it is to know that I am loved. To feel loved— temporal. To know love—eternal.


– Joel Hilton

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