Revisiting the Sounds of Trust

“Just trust the Lord” is a phrase I’ve probably heard for most of my life. However, it’s also been a phrase that I’ve heard so often the words had unknowingly become almost cliché in certain situations. So when I was journaling with the Lord several weeks back and scribbled on to the pages “trust me” (coming from God to me) I found myself slightly dissatisfied.

Revisiting the Sounds of Trust by Cherise Krum

The Pains of Growth

"Mom, my shoes are too small! My feet hurt! My toes are squished." Have you ever been involved in or overheard a conversation sounding similar to this? This came to my mind recently while thinking about seasons of growth in life. Sometimes the "shoes" all the...

The Pains of Growth

Helping Children with Dreams & Nightmares

Do you kids struggle with nightmares? What if we could teach them how powerful they are so that they could literally “re-script” their dreams in power and Holy Spirit authority?

Does your child dream often? Could the Lord be speaking to them in the stillness of their sleep? You can help them to begin to recognize when and what God is sharing with them and how they can respond just like Samuel as He heard the Lord call his name in the night (see 1 Samuel 3).

Dr. Sandie Freed shares powerful insight for parents to help their kids both hear from God and discover their inner “superhero” as they give their scary dreams a new script.

PS: Helpful for grown up dreamers too!

As We Praise

The song “As We Praise” began with one simple desire: we wanted to write a song that we could lead in our local church. We wanted it to represent our church culture and the core values at our roots—namely, covenant, influence, and bravery.

The Psalmist Series

Sibling Rivalry

This Summer, we sat down with our friends, Jerome and Machelle Joseph. We expected to receive significant truths from this outstanding couple (we always do!), but we were absolutely blown away by the revelation they shared on a spiritual dynamic of "sibling rivalry."

Jerome and Machelle Joseph in Studio

Validation, Compliments & Flattery

Validation sees and initiates worth to the core identity of another person. It is generated from the purity of their heart to your heart! It is the overflow of a soul who knows its own worth. You are a treasure—period. All that you do is celebrated and honored, but never above who you are! Validation is selfless, unconditional, and mature. It is unguarded, authentic, and untainted by personal agendas. It lays a healthy foundation that allows the innocent exchange of life. It is from this place of value that strong relationships and partnerships can be forged.


How to Create Healthy Heart Boundaries

Sometimes we feel as though in order to love, we must give our whole heart to every person in our lives. The truth is that granting full access to our heart to everyone is really not loving, healthy, or wise. What healthy boundaries do is help us to keep the bad out and to let the good in. We know that God has called all of us to love unconditionally. When we can determine boundaries in our heart, we will actually be able to do this in a healthy way.

How to Create Healthy Heart Boundaries Video Cover

Life is Not Fair

Sadly, life has not been fair for any of us. We all have experienced injustices, abuses of power, being taken advantage of. When injustice happens in our lives, we are not left without an advocate. We can run to the God of justice! In Genesis 8:25, the Bible says, “Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?” When we arise and cry out to the God of justice, He will arise on our behalf. He will bring recompense and restitution. He will not only restore what was stolen from us, be He will give us so much more than what was stolen. Our God is a God of a double portion.

Life is Not Fair Video Blog with Dr. Melodye Hilton

Instruments of Justice

One of the greatest acts of humility is being an instrument of justice on behalf of another. There is so much injustice in our world. To fully understand what justice is, we must look at what injustice is. Put simply, injustice is an abuse of power; it is when a person takes their own influence, title, wealth, or leadership and they use it to take from another what God destined for them to have. When there is usery, or abuse, or taking advantage of another, that’s injustice! However, there is another way! We can be instruments of justice in this world!




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