A Pioneer’s Courage

I love the factual accounts of courageous American pioneers as they settled and developed western territories. I learn from the brave instruments of social justice throughout history as well as the behind the scenes stories of present-day leaders who actually care for society’s good. No matter what time in history, pioneers face fear’s tyranny; they also embody a determined belief that they can accomplish more while serving humanity in a greater or more significant way.

A Pioneer's Courage

Discovering Personal Purpose

What is my personal purpose? This question can be very high stakes and very stressful if we allow it to be. It can lead to larger looming questions like, “Why am I here?” and “Does my life matter?” As Believers, the answers to these questions are found in our identity in Christ.

Discovering Personal Purpose

Why You Should Become a No-Gossip Zone

Gossip is often seen as harmless and many times even celebrated; it can be a hobby and one that feeds the feel-good chemicals in our brain--the same ones that other toxic addictive behaviors can trigger. It releases a rush of phantom inclusion and a high of personal satisfaction. Should we then all run to find the nearest victim and engage in this exercise of happy hormones? Not so fast.

Why You Should Become a No-Gossip Zone

Betrayal: What I Learned

Years ago, I was grieving over being taken advantage of over and over again. I hurt because I was surrounded by takers who were self-absorbed in their own needs and never genuinely caring for me. I would trust their words of loyalty, commitment, and partnership until I was slapped in the face with sudden, heartbreaking betrayals...

Betrayal: What I Learned

Holy & Kind

God is holy and His holiness reveals our absolute need for a savior. He is a perfect God and He does require us to live a life worthy of our calling in Him. But He is simultaneously compassionate and merciful and full of grace. He is so kind that He reveals the areas of our lives that are hurting us and keeping us back from the abundant life that He has for us. His correction does not belittle us; it expands us and invites us into a better way of living.

Holy & Kind

We’re Not In Competition

I recently gave a group of children a large floor puzzle to assemble. They quickly went to work, but unbeknownst to them, I had withheld a few pieces when they weren’t looking. As they neared their completion, they realized that they could not finish the job. I asked them to look at all the pieces and tell me if any two of them were the same? They said no...

We're Not In Competition

Build this House

As “Build this House” was being conceived, the concept of poetically comparing ourselves to houses became the focal point. The chorus firmly declares: "Come build this house and make it home." Through writing these lyrics, I couldn't help but realize that there is a very distinct difference between a house and a home. A house is built with four walls, a roof, and a foundation.

Build this House Blog Cover


This song is called “Wonder” because that’s how God met me. I thought I needed answers to my questions. I thought I needed them before I could trust Him again. But in the silence and the waiting, I found that all I really needed was Him.

Sometimes our pride can get in the way of our answer. Sometimes we need to realize how big our Creator is before we can understand the significance of our smallness. I may face trouble in this life—in fact, I’m certain I will—but if His eye is on me, I have nothing to worry about...

Come Out of Hiding

We may not think that we are hiding. We might even reason that we are taking the higher road in order to avoid the chaos and the drama. But do you ever find yourself afraid to share your ideas, opinions, beliefs or political views? Do you find yourself keeping quiet in order to protect yourself from retaliation or rejection?

Come out of hiding



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