Instruments of Justice

One of the greatest acts of humility is being an instrument of justice on behalf of another. There is so much injustice in our world. To fully understand what justice is, we must look at what injustice is. Put simply, injustice is an abuse of power; it is when a person takes their own influence, title, wealth, or leadership and they use it to take from another what God destined for them to have. When there is usery, or abuse, or taking advantage of another, that’s injustice! However, there is another way! We can be instruments of justice in this world!

Heaven Initiated Change

C H A N G E. God began to speak to me that this is a season of change. But it isn’t just any change; it isn’t a change initiated out of my passion or desires, goals or dreams. The change of this season is a change that is initiated by Heaven. Rest assured that when God initiates change, it always has the power to succeed. It is already sanctioned by Heaven. Angels are already on assignment. It is already blessed! When we partner with Him in this, there will be a supernatural grace that empowers us to walk in those things that release Heaven in our lives, and in our spheres of influence.

3 Relationships We All Need

In this short video blog, Dr. Melodye shares the three types of relationships that every person needs to be successful in life. We cannot only have those who are pouring into us and likewise, we cannot only be investing into others. The first relationship is: mentors. We all need mentors. In fact, the highest form of honor you can give someone is to receive what they carry. Timothy had Paul; Elisha had Elijah. We never outgrow our need for mentors and for people to invest into us...

Living Without Fear

Living without fear is a sign of destruction to the adversary. The Kingdom of God is advancing. God empowers us to do what He calls us to do, but when the adversary comes, what do we do? Paul is very clear in Philippians 1:28, that having NO FEAR is a sign of destruction for the adversary, and a sign of salvation for us.

The Boomerang Effect

Years ago, I was teaching on bullying in a public school and approaching the subject from a realm of neuroscience. You see, scientifically, the words and/or the actions that I project will feedback into my own brain and establish memory there. This takes place whether what I say and do is healthy or unhealthy. Simply put, what I speak towards others will in-turn affect me. As I spoke to these high school students, I explained that when we bully another—whether in big or small ways—it ultimately hurts us. As I shared this concept, one young man rose up and said, “I don’t want to do that anymore!” He was recognizing that his actions towards others were actually hurting him.

The boomerang effect with Dr. Melodye Hilton

Power in the Holy Spirit

We all have the capacity to do what God is calling us to do. Our ability comes from Him. Our power does not come from our own strength, but we do have power in the Holy Spirit. We can have confidence that when He calls us, He sends us and directs us with His power manifested by His grace. Embrace all that He has for you today and partner with Holy Spirit to live a better, more powerful life.

Power in the Holy Spirit Blog Post

Nothing Can Take Away Your Value

This week, Dr. Melodye Hilton shares with you how valuable you are. No matter what you have experienced, no matter what has been spoken over you or how many times you’ve been broken apart and stepped on, absolutely nothing in life can take away your true value. Listen as one young man discovered this truth and how you can start embracing your unmistakable value today.

Nothing Can Take Away Your Value Video Blog

Just Be You and Do it For Him

So often, we are deceived into believing that what we have is not good enough. We convince ourselves that our contribution is less than and that someone else is better for the job. As I was shaking in my boots before an audience of high-level influencers, the Lord spoke to me something that became a defining moment of my life. Just as the Lord spoke to me, you too, can just be you and do it for Him!

Just Be You and Do it For Him Video Blog

Sons and Daughters of the King

When a child of God knows, experiences and lives as a child of the King, his/her influence becomes evident in the mere fact of being him/herself. Experiencing the love of God offers us security in terms of whose we are and who we are. Accepting and remaining in God's love is not a one-time decision. It is a daily decision that is continually cultivated.

Sons and Daughters of the King

Are Your Thoughts Assets or Liabilities?

Each one of us have to ask ourselves and determine: Are my thoughts assets or liabilities? Will they produce life or will they produce death? Are they empowering me or sabotaging me? God is inviting us to come and embrace His thoughts and His ways. When our thoughts align with God's thoughts, Heaven's realities become ours. The only way that we can change our world is by changing our thinking. The Bible calls this renewing our mind. So today, I challenge you to think about what you're thinking about and align your thoughts with Heaven.

Are Your Thoughts Assets or Liabilities?




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