Sibling Rivalry

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We must appreciate the authentic identity that we have. We are not in competition!

This Summer, we sat down with our friends, Jerome and Machelle Joseph. We anticipated receiving good stuff from this outstanding couple (we always do!), but we were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the revelation they shared on the natural and spiritual dynamic of “sibling rivalry.”

As the parents of EIGHT children, they have plenty of first-hand experience with siblings comparing, competing, and being jealous of one another and all the side effects that come from it. However, as the Lord revealed to them, this concept has well breached the biological family barrier and made its way into every area of society, including the Body of Christ.

It is encouraging to know, however, that when there is revelation of something, we can seek the Lord for truth and freedom. As you listen to these life-changing words, we pray the Holy Spirit illuminates any area of rivalry within your life and that as you follow His leading, you will not only become more free for yourself, but be a living vessel of transformation in your areas of influence.

Be blessed!

Part One

(8 Minutes)

The God who made you before the foundations of the earth; the God who made mention of your uniqueness knows and celebrates you. Your future is history to Him! We need to celebrate who we are because God celebrates who we are.

Church is a team. Whether we sit in one denominational group or another, it is really irrelevant. We’re all team. We’re all on the same side… Whoever the spotlight is on at the moment, that is a time to celebrate one of our brothers and sisters.

Part Two

(8 Minutes)

At the root of sibling rivalry is the idea that, “I am not enough.” That idea can take various forms and expressions. It can affect natural family, husband/wife, parent/child, church, colleagues, etc. We may even compete with ourselves.

When we come into a place of rivalry, you put yourself in a place to prove to yourself and everybody else that you are either equal or better than in your area of competition. This often causes us to set goals for ourselves that are unattainable.

Part Three

(5 Minutes)

When we think that we are not enough it is because there is something inside that we don’t want anyone else to know… If you have been in a place where something has caused you to feel that you are not enough or causes you to compete or compare with others, these are all symptoms of sibling rivalry and you can begin to be free of them today.

We are made in the image of God. We are made in His uniqueness and we are more than enough. When He made us, He said that there was nobody else like us. We contain an incredible greatness.

About the Authors:

Jerome Joseph has over 30 years’ experience in Mental/Psychological health and he currently works as a Cognitive Therapist on a Consultancy basis in the commercial and voluntary sector with individuals and groups as a trainer, coach and mentor.

Machelle Joseph is an effective trainer, mentor and coach to individuals and groups. Her passion is the restoration of the family system. She is an activist in societal transformation.

Together, they train, mentor and coach in nations around the world with a passion for personal and societal transformation. They are the parents to eight children and are dedicated to a mandate for family success.




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