Helping Children with Dreams & Nightmares

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Help Your Children Fight the Dark of Nightmares with LIGHT!

Do you kids struggle with nightmares? What if we could teach them how powerful they are so that they could literally “re-script” their dreams in power and Holy Spirit authority?

Does your child dream often? Could the Lord be speaking to them in the stillness of their sleep? You can help them to begin to recognize when and what God is sharing with them and how they can respond just like Samuel as He heard the Lord call his name in the night (see 1 Samuel 3).

Dr. Sandie Freed shares powerful insight for parents to help their kids both hear from God and discover their inner “superhero” as they give their scary dreams a new script.

PS: Helpful for grown up dreamers too!

Sandie Freed and her husband, Mickey, are the senior pastors of LifeGate Church International in Bedford, Texas. She is an ordained prophetess with Christian International and travels extensively, ministering deliverance and life transformation to God’s people. She is the author of numerous books and has been a featured guest on James Robison’s Life Today and Daystar’s Celebration. Learn more at




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