“It’s time to take the seed (who we are) and invest it, plant it, and press into what we know is good soil.”

“The days of uncertainty and second guessing are coming to an end. This is not because the circumstances have changed, but because we have decided.”

"Some seeds require a greater a depth of planting to produce their intended harvest.”

Press Into the Dirt

by Pastor Joel Hilton | Giving Light


I kept on seeing this picture of a thumb pressing a seed into the dirt. There were three elements that I felt were being portrayed here: the seed, the thumb and the dirt.

The seed represents who we are. It’s our identity, our uniqueness, our giftings—it’s what makes us tick. If we were literally planted, the seed represents the specific harvest that our life would produce.

The thumb represents our will. It is our desire and willingness—our choice. It is a deliberate act.

The third element in this picture is the dirt or soil. The soil represents a place for planting. Each person’s “soil” will be different. For some it is a specific task, calling, vision, etc. It is something that God has given you to pursue. For others, their “soil” is relational—planting into people, relationships, family, or God-directed connections. Your “soil” may be a place—a position of employment, planting into a church body, a group of people, etc. Or it may be planting into a God-given idea or revelation.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what the “soil” is for your life in this time.





To come to a conclusion

To cut off, to separate

To make up one’s mind



“If you don’t change the direction you are going, then you’re likely to end up where you’re heading…”



The key to seed germination is to have good “seed to soil” contact. This means that the soil is in direct contact to the surface of the seeds—ideally where the seeds are completely surrounded by soil. A seed (you) cannot grow without soil. Unless you fully commit to planting yourself, you will not see the harvest.


The planting depth of the seed can vary depending on the type of seed. What you are growing will determine the depth that you have to go when planting. We cannot compare someone else’s depth and decisions to our own. Not everyone is called to produce the same thing. We must plant to the depth of the harvest we are called to produce.



This post features only a portion of highlights from this power-packed message. Dive deeper into its contents and receive further revelation by tuning in to this full message by Pastor Joel Hilton.



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