mommydaughterOn the heels of Mother’s Day I began to ponder how blessed I am for the two children we raised and the three precious grandchildren we enjoy. I began to reflect on the things that really matter the most. For instance, the things that build strong and healthy emotions and empower a purpose-driven life. It’s not all the toys that fill their rooms or the entertainment we work so hard to provide but the seeds of identity and purpose that are planted in their hearts and minds.

Mother’s Day was a beautiful day as my grandkids enjoyed my incognito healthy strawberry shakes and popcorn. I loved their pleasure while they rode their bikes and I got my exercise pushing the two year old around on a bike. I laughed listening to the joyful squeals as their Pap gave them rides on the tractor while I stayed with the youngest one and watched safely from the porch. I heard countless times, “Stay front porch!”

How beautiful and precious are these memories! Amidst it all, what really touched my heart were those one-on-one moments throughout the day when I gazed into their precious blue eyes and spoke value into their very souls. A truth that strengthens for a lifetime was seeded as I told them who they are and who God is in them. I spoke to their excellent spirit, the authority they carry for positive decision making and how they dwell in grace. I watched as their hearts and eyes opened to the truth I was speaking. I could see that their hearts were little sponges soaking up truth. These are the things that establish an awareness of His ability in their lives. With or without them knowing it, that day was more than a fun day; it was an empowering day!

I’ve witnessed how my adult children have responded during difficult seasons of their lives and the resiliency and bravery they showed in spite of painful disappointments. History has proven that external success or influential positioning does not determine personal fulfillment. What does this, however, is the internal fortitude that is birthed through secure individuality, character-driven mindsets, and an identity found in Christ.

This process begins when life originates—at conception. I’ve learned through both science and personal experience the life-empowering results of instilling identity and purpose into babies. In fact, the most crucial and foundational window of opportunity is from conception through three years old. (learn more HERE)

The experiences, interactions, social connections, and words received during this key developmental stage build the framework for a child’s future. Not only are personality and intellect shaped during this time, but also habitual thought patterns, identity, emotional health, and the ability to trust. This is why from a very young age the concept of building and breaking trust is not foreign to my determined and passionate granddaughter nor is powerful choice to my contemplative grandson.

Though the first three years are imperative, the investment into a person’s identity is vital whether you are my 91-year-old mother, 34-year-old son or 2-year-old grandson. Let us continue to invest into a generation by speaking words and modeling a faith before them. What they experience creates thoughts, which shape attitudes, stir emotions, and establish belief systems. This is powerful because every decision we make and every action we take originates from what we believe to be true.

Our brains are wired for love and validation!

Our brains are wired for love and validation! Science has proven that if an individual is able to give and receive love and validation they will experience emotional health. This, in turn, empowers the ability to generate value in others and perpetuates a life-giving cycle that has limitless results. We can positively impact our future society if we are willing to invest into a generation today. We can strengthen them to go against the odds of societal pressure and live successful and healthy lives! Who doesn’t want that for the people they love?

We all experience the “wish I would have” or the “If I could do it over again” moments in our lives, but today is a good day to start no matter where our children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren find themselves in the present stages of their lives. Whether a mother, father, grandparent, neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc. We are all called to be life-givers, faith-builders, and love-generators.

No matter what day you find yourself reading this post, happy Mother’s Day to you moms out there and to all you other difference-makers, keep pulling out the gold in one another. You have the power to speak and model life and truth and that is something to celebrate!

Dr. Melodye Hilton


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