What Was I Thinking? 2 CD set

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AUDIO CD ONE Safeguards to Emotional Health

The power of truth will heal the inner man–spirit and soul! What are the necessary keys that restore the soul Scientific facts even align with Biblical truth concerning the restoration of our soul. This foundational message will make “renewing the mind” so simple to understand, building hope and releasing healing.

AUDIO CD TWO Emotional Hijacking

We were created with a gift that subconsciously protects us from physical danger through the adrenaline rush of “freeze, fight, or flight.” It has the ability to save lives, make heroes, and help us respond rapidly with unusual courage in the midst of physical threats. However, when we feel emotionally threatened, that same response can sabotage relationships and our ability to lead and influence others successfully. Dr. Melodye says, “Action and speech that is conceived from inflated emotion will result in actions and speech that we will undoubtedly regret.” If you have every said, “What was I thinking?!” the answer probably was, “You weren’t!” Regrettably, emotions hijacked your clear reasoning and wisdom. When we can understand the physiological dynamics, we can develop a strong-spirited game plan that will help us guard our inner man, bringing wisdom and peace, empowering us to lead others more effectively.


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