Marriage Decrees

Marriage Decrees

Place the name of your spouse in the blank and declare God’s best over them, you, and your marriage.

  • I decree a blessing over ________________ and declare healing, prosperity, and joy will be his/her portion.
  • I decree hope and joy to fill _______________’s heart as the presence of God covers him/her throughout the day.
  • I decree the shield of God’s presence to cover and be established deep within ______________’s heart.
  • I decree ________________  is my gift from God.
  • I decree a renewed and deepened love for _________________ and for the love of God to protect our marriage.
  • I decree a faith-filled increase over _________________ this very day.
  • I decree a mantle of the Holy Spirit to protect __________________ through this day.
  • I decree my love for __________________  is kind, gentle, and patient.
  • I decree that my marriage to ________________ is God-ordained and has a purpose for God’s Kingdom.
  • I decree that no weapon formed against my marriage will prosper. I decree _______________ has the full armor of God surrounding him/her throughout this day.
  • I decree the blood of Jesus to cover my marriage and protect __________________ as he/she belongs to You.
  • I decree righteousness in my marriage and that truth and the promise of purity will be forever sealed.
  • I decree freedom and liberty to come to my marriage. It is no longer captive to any power of darkness.
  • I decree pure thoughts, pure motives, and pure words will be declared over my marriage.
  • I decree the cleansing blood of Jesus to erase any shame, any rebellion, and any unforgiveness I hold over my marriage.
  • I decree my marriage is covered by the presence of God and protected from any lies of the enemy.­­­­­­
  • My marriage reflects the true nature of God. I bless our union and speak wholeness of life over it.
  • My marriage is God-ordained from the beginning and will be a true example of His goodness.
  • My marriage is based on a secure and solid foundation of God’s Word. I will stand firm and not allow my shifting feelings or emotions to deter me.
  • My covenant with my spouse is sealed and blessed as our love and desires are to be more like Christ.
  • I cherish, love, and respect my spouse as we walk through this life together.
  • I will not compare, fantasize, complain, murmur, or belittle my spouse. I speak blessings, power, and honor over him/her.
  • Our sex life is vibrant, passion filled, and pure. My mind & body are committed to my spouse.
  • I yield my whole self to an intimate and unified perfect love with my spouse.
  • Our sex life is secure and undefiled. Our love is perfect and we are bound together by God’s perfect love.

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