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A few nights ago, an emotional dream drew me to consciousness from a deep sleep. My soul was entrenched in a sense of overwhelming love. I experienced an inner peace that flooded my mind in wonder. My inner man began to speak to me as my conscious mind was instructed with these words: “The beautiful attributes of love, honor, or respect constrain us. Losing our personal freedom is a means of revealing love. When we lose our lives we truly find them. Loss is gain when motivated by devotion to God, others and a higher cause.”

What a beautiful dichotomy that when choosing loss, I gain.[i] The deep emotion I felt didn’t originate from giving in order to get, but rather genuinely giving out of deep affection for another.[ii] When our heart motives are pure, than the reciprocal of that love-motivated action opens my heart to receive what could never be gained in serving self. How revelatory to know that in giving we have already received.[iii] Through the very act of sowing, we have already reaped.[iv] The moment the constraints of love are offered we have already obtained.[v] The impacts of love’s constraints instantly and supernaturally release Kingdom realities to our soul and spirit.

As I ponder the principles of heaven that release to us what money cannot buy or the world cannot give, it becomes a matter of loving God so deeply that our lives are not our own. When we are abandoned to His Kingdom we are focused on the depths of love for Him and He reciprocates by meeting our deepest core needs.[vi] My sustenance is released in heartfelt abandonment to my Father’s word, will and way.

Loving another IS the reward![vii]

Fear initiates a chain reaction of self-protection and self-provision. Is it really honoring another when actions of love are shown out of a fear of not being loved in return? The motive behind those good works are disingenuous and are actually manipulation. Do we share our heart just to be understood? Do we try to persuade another so we feel wise? Do we teach another so we feel intelligent? Are we faithful only so we are not rejected?

The constraints of love drive out fear. It is authentic love that will compel us as our personal freedoms are limited to gain an eternal possession. The reward is an encounter with Love itself.

Love genuinely, love deeply,

Dr. Melodye Hilton


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