The age old question of “Who am I?” continues to be uncharted territory even to the most cognizant. The depth of intelligence and the untapped treasure within continues to amaze and delight the most self-aware explorer. Discovering your internal beauty is a lifelong journey bringing courage to the heart to continue to sail amidst the stormy seas of leadership.

Self-discovery is a healthy foundation enabling your ability to observe another’s contribution through a celebratory lens. This practice is a sign of emotional maturity constructing mutually beneficial partnerships and generating reciprocity of success.

Communication is discovered in both verbal and non-verbal forms. One communication practice is through our language of impact. This encompasses the what, why, how, and the way in which contributions are made to positively impact the world.

When you read your language of impact, it will affirm and validate what you know. As you read another’s language it will provide an appreciative perspective for their contribution.

“Get ‘r done” communicators! Where would we be as a nation, an organization or a family without your courage? In the midst of obstacles and insurmountable odds your determination and unwavering values have held you steady in the storms of life. Your resolve, sacrifice, hard work and tenacious spirit have empowered all of us to succeed. Thank you! Where would we be without your focused passion to reach goals and fulfill vision? Thank you for moving forward when misunderstood, where judged as uncaring or falsely perceived as void of emotion! You have been willing to work harder, longer and sacrifice personal needs in order for the whole team to accomplish the goal and reap the reward. You motivate, inspire, and challenge each of us to become better, refusing to quit. Oftentimes you find yourself in thankless roles and are encumbered with tasks that nobody else is willing to do. Your spirit and your drive are inspirational! We celebrate you!

“Let’s have fun” communicators! You have made our lives more exciting and caused us not to forget that life is good! We have learned by your example to enjoy the process as well as the accomplishment of goals. You model before us that impacting people should be the reason we do what we do! Thank you for sharing your heart and helping us to share ours. Your zeal, excitement, and enthusiasm are contagious and it rallies many to connect to the heart and the joys of relationship. You have been our cheerleader, our confidence-builder, and the life of our party. Thank you!

“You can count on me” communicators! Your heart of love, service, dedication, and loyalty is so valued and appreciated! In an unsafe world, you are safe. Surrounded by the epidemic of mistrust in our world, you are trustworthy. You vigilantly and selflessly impact in practical ways as an expression of your heartfelt devotion. You care deeply for the individual, the team and the end-goal! You are the unsung hero that is behind the scenes making others look good and the oil that makes the fine-tuned system function at full potential. You are the executors of the little tasks as well as the huge projects that we undertake daily. We honor you for caring about the most important things of life and for paying the price to model a heart that cares deeply for others and the advancement of a cause bigger than yourself. Thank you!

“Do it right” communicators! We see your heart for excellence and your desire to make us better individually and corporately. Thank you for the countless hours of research and sacrifice that no one sees and rarely acknowledges! We recognize that without you we would fall short of excellence, tripping over the unexpected stumbling blocks. Your analytical thinking has been the foundation for innovations, cures for diseases, and technological advancement throughout the nations of the world! Our lives are better because of you! Please forgive us for not understanding your heart that is unmovable in your efforts for improvement in every aspect of life! Thank you for doing things right!

Are you listening to a language that is not solely found in words but the deep contributions of the heart and soul?

Your language of impact is valuable! Embrace your contribution and express it!

Dr. Melodye Hilton

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