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Albert Einstein said, “The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Where you are today is a product of your past choices, and your future will be a result of today’s choices. In What Was I Thinking? you will learn a basis for “Higher Thinking.” This training includes the foundations of proper self-assessment and the highly sought-after “Simple Process of Thought” and “Emotional Hijacking” teachings by Dr. Melodye Hilton.

Every thought and emotion we have is either fear or faith based, destructive or building, toxic or healthy. This training will help you to not only understand your mind-world better, but give you the tools and the power to make a conscious decision to improve your life and environment.

*Note: What Was I Thinking? is a segment from the full Higher Living Leadership training course. To purchase the full training: CLICK HERE





Embrace higher thinking: Continued development of the mind, positive choice, and proper management of thoughts, attitude, and emotion.

Discover the power of accurate self-assessment.

Find out what your brain is capable of, how memory is stored, and the power that you have over your mind’s health.

Learn the simple process of thought and how your surroundings affect your brain.

Find out what to do when your emotions take over logic and reason in an “emotional hijack.”

Discover hope for change as you learn how to re-write the instructions of your brain.


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