Culture Champions – CVI ONLY



Friday, April 17th | 9AM-3PM

**This registration option does NOT include entrance to the Culture Champions Masterclass event. If you would like to attend the full Culture Champions event including the Masterclass, please select the corresponding registration option here.

***All CVI Training participants MUST take the free CVI assessment at least 2 weeks prior to the event so that your personalized report can be created. Please take your free assessment here. (If you have previously taken the assessment, your information is already on file and you do not need to re-take at this time.)




CVI Training Includes:

  • Discover key aspects of your innate core contribution to society.
  • Move beyond adapted personality and values to awareness of your innate contribution.
  • Receive training from a Biblical perspective
  • Learn how adapted personality and values are formed and how they differ from innate core values.
  • Gain confidence as permission is granted to release who you are innately.
  • Learn where fear will cause you to function in the opposite of who you truly are and distort your contribution.
  • Recognize your deepest fears and learn to see the warning signs that cause your contribution to be hindered or warped.
  • Learn how to retrain or rewrite the brain’s instructions to invite in the needed contribution and knowing when to delegate to another’s strength.
  • Receive your comprehensive Core Value Index report ($50 value) along with the downloadable Core Value Index Handbook (200 page) by Lynn Taylor for further study.
  • Personalized summary report and CVI ladder handouts.

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