Equipping all ages to discover identity and activate purpose for local and global Kingdom impact


A person’s values are the true motivation behind what they do. At Giving Light, we have a defined set of values that you will find woven through every part of our unique expression. Our passion is to see shared values connect and for great partnerships to be formed. This collaboration creates an atmosphere where mutual validation and growth are fostered, as well as an empowering culture where personal purpose is activated and corporate vision fulfilled.

We are passionately committed to and demonstrating the Word, presence, and power of God. Because of this, we courageously and continually pursue Him to partner with what He is doing. Our mission is to pioneer and build platforms for God’s Kingdom to be established on the earth. This passion creates a prophetic apostolic environment where faith is increased and the supernatural released. We believe in a God of the impossible and we will boldly go where He leads.


Giving Light is a living family organism where relationship matters. We believe in cultivating and demonstrating the exchange of healthy life. We honor, challenge, validate, defend, and care for one another through deep relationships of the heart. These ties transcend geographical location, but bind through a deep commitment to one another’s success.


We firmly believe in the training and activation of every believer to establish the Kingdom of God wherever they go. Our hope is that Giving Light’s equipping culture becomes a breeding ground for purpose, creativity, and strategy to be revealed, developed, and fulfilled. As this takes place, our goal is to see people of all ages continue to cultivate and activate what they receive—to be a righteous influence in every area of society and to see lives and cultures positively transformed.

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We believe that the culture of the Kingdom is healthy, safe, secure and prosperous. Therefore, our code of conduct is:

We are validating and encouraging in our communication.

We are a gossip-free zone

We celebrate the unique God-given identity and purpose in each one.

We are a no prejudice zone

We believe in systems and structures that foster health, growth, and safety.

We value building infrastructure

We believe in honoring one another and building trust.

We promote healthy boundaries

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