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Jody Truesdale is a Physician Assistant in Middletown, PA, where she has been practicing medicine since 1993. She is NCCPA certified and a member of AAPA & PSPA. She works closely with patients to look for root causes of their diseases and educates patients how to strengthen their immune systems to help conquer the root causes. She teaches about the dangers of GMO’s, pesticides and chemicals in our food supply. She focuses on prevention of disease and if disease is already present, works on supporting the bodies natural healing mechanisms.

Jody Truesdale

Physician Assistant

“My mission is to teach people the tools they need to employ healthier habits in order to improve on current health and prevent future illness.”

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Lifestyle Medicine Presentations from July 2014

“I have been a physician assistant in family Medicine since 1993. Over those past 20+ years I have witnessed an alarming progression of illnesses in younger and younger patients.  Diagnoses that were once primarily adult diseases are now plaguing children. Our bodies are being overtaken by disease and illness.  Being “sick” has become the new norm. What I have learned over the years is that many of these illnesses will subside or completely resolve with cleaning up the diet ~ eating healing foods and not foods that trigger inflammation. You have to give your body the tools it needs to get the job done!”

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