Fear Does Not Exist

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Other Authors, Video | 0 comments

“Fear doesn’t exist unless you identify it with something.”

F E A R. It can ruin your life…but it doesn’t have to.

Our good friend, Machelle Joseph shares a life-changing revelation that God gave to her that helped her to silence the booming voice of fear in her life and re-shaped the way she saw her identity.

Listen as she shares and releases a prophetic prayer of deliverance over you.

Machelle Joseph is an effective trainer, mentor and coach to individuals and groups. Her passion is the restoration of the family system. She is an activist in societal transformation. She is known for her prophetic authority with accuracy and flow. She functions in the grace of calling forth kingdom identity with purpose. Machelle has been married to Jerome for over 30 years and is the mother of eight children!




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