The Supernatural Life

Jesus is passionate about seeing people healed and whole in every way. We, as Giving Light, share this passion and want to partner with God to see people live well. In this video training, you will receive a Biblical foundation for inner healing as well as training in how you, too, can be used by God to minister healing to those around you.

Supernatural Life Workshop

Deliverance (Inner Healing) Ministry

Jesus wants to use YOU powerfully in the area of Deliverance to see those around you liberated from spiritual bondage and delivered into safety.

In this training, you will discover:

  • The Biblical Basis for ministering Deliverance/Inner Healing
  • The 10 Step Model for Deliverance as used by Global Awakening
  • How to occupy your own spiritual house that God has given you so that you can freely help others to occupy theirs
  • How to minister spiritual freedom in love and compassion in your own life, family, workplace, place of worship.

It is time to Know and understand the rights of your covenant with God, and to occupy the land He has given you so that you can take more ground for the Kingdom of God!

Deliverance Resource for Kids
Teaching your kids how to walk in inner power and freedom.
Through this simple, but powerful lesson plan teach your children the authority that they have over the devil and how they have the power to choose what they will allow to affect their heart and soul.

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