Christ in the Now

In this Christmas season, we often focus on the past when Jesus came to earth as an infant and lived and dwelt among us. We love and celebrate this part of the Gospel story. But we also know that Jesus still lives today! In this week’s message, Pastor Steve encourages...

Making Jesus Known through His Word

The Bible is more than a book, it is an expression of who He is. In this message by Pastor Steven Hilton, learn the power of the Word of God and how we can partner with it to receive the fullness of life in Jesus.

The Healing Power of the Word of God

The Bible tells us that we cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God. In His Word we will find life, health, freedom, and purpose. In this week’s message, Pastor Steven Hilton shares the healing power of the Word of God.

The Architecture of a Thankful Heart

In this message, Pastor Joel Hilton lays a beautiful framework for the importance of thanksgiving. When we are thankful, it allows God’s light to shine in and penetrate our darkest circumstances; it brings us into safety, strengthens our connection with the Holy...

Honoring Veterans

This week, we honor veterans who serve our country, but also highlight the important role of the army of the Lord.

Transforming Our Region

In this message, we welcome special guest and friend Kevin Ikeda to share a transformative Kingdom model of discipling nations through everyday acts of service and love.

Disarming Discouragement

Fear partners with discouragement to gain influence in our lives. In this message, Pastor Joel Hilton gives us Biblical and practical tools for disarming the power of discouragement.

The Confessing Church

We can either be a person who brings people up or pulls them down and the difference lies in our words. In this message from Pastor Steven Hilton, we learn that God is always wanting to empower us. When we rehearse and confess the things that God says about us, it...

Where Are You?

We are not just called to be spectators. We are all a part of the family of God and every member has a part. You are just as needed and valuable as anyone else. In this message from Pastor Steven Hilton, be encouraged in your assignment to be a reflector of God’s...

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