As an Apostolic Prophetic church we are consistently seeking God for His direction, message and mandate for the Body of Christ and for Giving Light specifically. Our Prophetic Focus is a reflection of our value to “boldly go where He leads.”


In 2014, we sat down as a team with a unified desire to put language to the central motivations of our ministry. We came up with a set of three core values that we believe encapsulate the heart of what makes us uniquely Giving Light. If you look closely, we believe that you will see these fibers running through every aspect of who we are. Our passion is that those who can connect to these values would come alive in our culture as we partner together, both in heart and in purpose.


We are passionately committed to and demonstrating the Word, presence, and power of God. Because of this, we courageously and continually pursue Him to partner with what He is doing. Our mission is to pioneer and build platforms for God’s Kingdom to be established on the earth. This passion creates a prophetic apostolic environment where faith is increased and the supernatural released. We believe in a God of the impossible and we will boldly go where He leads.


Giving Light is a living family organism where relationship matters. We believe in cultivating and demonstrating the exchange of healthy life. We honor, challenge, validate, defend, and care for one another through deep relationships of the heart. These ties transcend geographical location, but bind through a deep commitment to one another’s success.


We firmly believe in the training and activation of every believer to establish the Kingdom of God wherever they go. Our hope is that Giving Light’s equipping culture becomes a breeding ground for purpose, creativity, and strategy to be revealed, developed, and fulfilled. As this takes place, our goal is to see people of all ages continue to cultivate and activate what they receive—to be a righteous influence in every area of society and to see lives and cultures positively transformed.

Prophetic Decrees
  • We are a people who give and receive love. We will honor, value, and care for one another. We are covenant makers and covenant keepers. We choose to speak only good of others and champion their success.
  • We believe in a God of the impossible and we will boldly go where He leads. We are advancing with the validation of Heaven and the God of angel armies on our side.
  • God’s promises concerning Giving Light are true! We will grow in depth, height, size, and influence. Our culture is a breeding ground for purpose, creativity, and strategy to be revealed, developed, and fulfilled.
  • Our children are for signs and wonders. They are extraordinary lovers of God and they will reform our world for His Kingdom.
  • We are a passionate people. We worship unrestricted and unguarded and we honor His Presence by responding to Him. The sound that comes from Giving Light will glorify God in Heaven and on earth.
  • Giving Light is a hothouse for miracles. We are a people who hear and respond to the voice of God. We are a people of testimony and we celebrate miracles because He is a good God!
  • We are an equipping center called to impact the world. We will give light, model His Kingdom, and welcome the high and the low, the young and the old, and the native and the foreigner with love, joy and purpose.
  • We are well equipped to fulfill the call of God upon us. We are wealthy in resources, money, relationships, technology, ideas, and strategies.
Prayer Points
  • Pray for an even greater depth of unity and support for one another and the vision that God has entrusted to us.
  • Pray that we would foster a culture of healthy relationships where we encourage, champion and are committed to one another’s success.
  • Pray for an abundance of workers with like vision and values who are passionate for the Kingdom and have a willingness to serve the ministry.
  • Pray for smooth transition for the process of construction and renovation. Pray for wisdom, divine connections, favor, and Holy Spirit strategies.
  • Pray for bravery to go where God is leading in a bold way. Pray that we would steward what He has put in our hands, allowing for His supernatural provision as we step into advancement as He directs.
  • Pray for steady and sure foundations in this season of building. Pray for a strong structure to be put in place with no gaps in the walls so that we can go and grow with God’s prophetic promises towards us.
  • Pray for a revival of passion and purpose like never before. Pray for greater clarity of vision, a multitude of joy, and His great grace to be so evident as we partner together to serve Him.
  • Pray that the doors of influence would be opened and an increase of resources would come forth in God’s perfect timing.