The Light of the World

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 12.10.17 | In this encouraging message from Pastor Steven Hilton, discover how light expels the darkness. Jesus commissioned us as the light of the world. Let’s shine!

Powerful Gospel

by Pastor Katie Stansfield - 11.19.17 | In this message, Pastor Katie Stansfield shares of a powerful Gospel. With so many voices bombarding us in our world and tensions and tragedies all around us, it can be easy to slip into a powerless stance and lose hope. However, when we really believe what God says, who He is and who we are, then we will see how much power we hold and be the voices in history that we were always created to be.

Prospering in Two Worlds

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 11.12.17 | I️n this message from Pastor Steve, we learn about how to prosper in both the seen world and the unseen world. two worlds. We must have victory in the unseen world before we can see success in the seen world.

The Greatest Among You

by Kevin Ikeda - 11.05.17 | Special guest and friend, Kevin Ikeda shares an eye-opening message on the transformative power of servant leadership. By being a blessing to the world around us, building connection, and bringing solutions, we will see culture radically transformed around us. Jesus was anointed to bring healing and freedom to cities, and through Him, so are we!

Dynamics of Faith

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 10.29.17 | In this important foundational teaching, Pastor Joel Hilton explains faith according to the word of God. True faith is not just believing something with our mind, but putting action to our belief by stepping into it. Through this message you will learn how faith takes what is available to us and makes it actual in our lives.

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