Don't Just Stand There, Say Something

by Pastor Steven Hilton - 02.18.18 | The Bible says to let the redeemed of the Lord say so. As followers of Jesus, we carry the greatest message there ever will be. We can build God’s Kingdom and proclaim His good news just by saying so. Be encouraged by this message from Pastor Steve Hilton

Change and Partnership

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 02.11.18 | In this week’s message, Pastor Joel Hilton challenges us to confront the fear in our lives that is keeping us from embracing God-ordained change. When fear is gone, we can fully commit to planting ourselves in the place where God has called us. This allows us to thrive where our roots are planted, but also allows the ones we’re connected to, to grow.

A Historic Moment in Time

by Dr. Melodye Hilton - 02.04.18 | This week, Dr. Melodye Hilton shares a powerful prophetic message entitled, “A History Moment in Time.” In order to go where God is leading, we have to know what He is saying. Learn three key words for this season, be encouraged to expect positive change, and be prepared to walk through the doors that God has for you.

The Foundation of a Brave Culture

by Pastor Joel Hilton - 01.28.18 | In this message from Pastor Joel Hilton, learn what the foundation of a brave culture looks like. If we are people of bravery, we have to have a mind for the impossible and we must be committed to boldly going where God leads. Discover the importance of pursuing His presence, even above His promises and what fear really does to our ability to give and receive love.

*Due to technical difficulties, no live stream is available for this week’s message. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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