Close Enough to Make a Difference

Are you close enough to make a difference? We are all called to positively effect our world. In the process, we can become disappointed, discouraged, and rejected. Listen as Dr. Melodye shares of a time of personal pain and betrayal when the Lord spoke to her something that became a defining moment of her life. Every one of us have a choice to either walk in the fear of being hurt or to trust that the risk of making a difference will be met with the grace to walk in victory, no matter what comes our way.
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Faithfulness and Calling

We see very important people in the world, in positions of government or owners of large companies that work with corruption and abuse and still have "success" in the eyes of the people. David was prepared where nobody saw him, with the sheep and fighting against bears and lions, before fighting against Goliath. It is not what we see, but the motivation of the heart and the call of God on each person.
Faithfulness and Calling

Prosperity in All Things

Prosperity and freedom work together. Prosperity comes from the inside and we experience this truth with freedom. We can prosper in everything as we experience more and more freedom through the Holy Spirit. Prosperity is not just financial; it is a condition of our soul where we experience our life from the chair of a queen or king with confidence, power and freedom for the good of others.
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Rise Up and Dream Your Biggest Dream

As I speak to you, I know it is a great honor because I’m writing to some of the most hard working, brilliant, loving and strong individuals on the face of the earth. If you are a woman, yes, I am speaking to you. Don’t get me wrong, men have these characteristics as well, but finally, the world is embracing the fact that women have had to be all that and a bag of chips, with the odds stacked against them. Oh, and did I forget to mention that we do all this in heels. Some do it bare footed. So as I speak, I’m referring to women.
Artist Woman Looking to the Right

Shifting Out of a Religious Mindset

If you have ever driven a manual/stick shift vehicle you know the importance of shifting the gear at the right moment in time. If you stay driving in the incorrect gear it will literally damage the engine—the very source of movement. Your car begins to redline signifying SHIFT NOW, SHIFT NOW! If you don’t shift when necessary you literally get a good shaking up until you do shift.
Desert Mountain Road

Seasons of Difficulty

It’s easy to judge a journey by the looks of it. It’s easy to be moved by what we see with our natural eyes, as opposed to trusting what is being built within. The problem with this, is that it is all too easy to be tossed about on the waves, reacting instead of responding by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Only God holds the whole picture—only He knows what is ahead.
Mountains with Tranquil Sky

04 Giving Light Moments: The Heart of Worship

In this Giving Light Moments Video, we go on a journey with Brianna Stansfield, a Worship Leader at Giving Light Christian Fellowship, to discover the Heart of Worship. Through remembering her very first experiences in worship as a little girl, to her powerful moments as a Worship Leader today, she will lead you into fully experiencing the Presence of God, as His Beloved Son or Daughter.
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Guarding Your True Identity

In order to guard the soul one must maintain a proper identity. My first identity is realizing that I belong to Him; He is my Shepherd. If you are not aware that you are His and that He takes responsibility for you, your soul or mind can become overburdened when life gets to be more than you can handle.
The Encourager by Pastor Steven Hilton

03 Giving Light Moments: Perseverance and Breakthrough

In this powerful and encouraging "Giving Light Moment", Danny and Amanda Jones share with you from their own lives how to keep pressing through to your promise and to leave the old and familiar behind. The rewards are greater than the costs when you set your face like a flint to follow the Presence of God wherever He leads you.
Giving Light Moments Blog Cover Image

Yearning for Home

When I was 18 years old I was shipped off to the United States Navy. It was during the time of the Vietnam war, even though I never went to Vietnam. One of the things I discovered during this journey was that almost all military personnel have something in common—a yearning for home. At least for me I know that the saying is true that, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
The Encourager by Pastor Steven Hilton

02 Giving Light Moments: Intimacy with God

In this video blog of our series, “Giving Light Moments,” Tracey Tressler shares her experiences on her journey into deeper Intimacy with God. Get excited, because deeper waters await you as you discover the unique ways God wants to relate to you. You, too can be encouraged to "Never let go of the One that loves you most..!"
Giving Light Moments Blog Cover Image

O Holy Night: Hope for the Nations

I love Christmas! I love the whole season. I love that moment on November 1st when people start packing up their ghoulish and dark décor and start unpacking the twinkle lights and ornaments and our part of the northeast begins to smell of spicy cinnamon and fresh pine.
Starry Night Sky with Bright Star

01 Giving Light Moments: Prophetic Intercession

In this first blog of our series, “Giving Light Moments,” our lead Intercessor, Loretta Kohr shares her experiences on her journey of learning how to pray and intercede prophetically with the Spirit of God. Be encouraged by her insight, passion, experiences, and understanding so that you, too can release your voice to Stand in the Gap where the Spirit of the Lord leads YOU! God is ready to meet with you to bring Heaven to Earth—will you meet Him?
Giving Light Moments Blog Cover Image

Heal Our Land

About a month ago, the Lord woke me out of sleep with a strong and clear message regarding the healing of our land. With daily reports of attack, assault, and prejudice rearing its ugly head, it is clear that our land is in need of healing. As human beings were formed from the dust of the earth and return then to it again, we must cry out for redemption both for our people and for our very land.
Heal Our Land




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